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Exploring spiritual direction
Mark Argent and David Parkin
Venue: Windermere Centre, 23–27 November 2015
Booking: via the Windermere Centre

This has been a reguar event since 2011, and is an exploration of spiritual direction in a Reformed context. It aims to bring together people with an interest in spiritual direction — those who give direction, or receive it, or are interested in the possibility of giving or receiving direction.

One of the themes in the background is the recognition that it is normal for someone from the URC who attends an event concerned with spiritual direction to find themself either as the only URC person present or in a tiny minority. While it wouldn't be helpful to try to create a separate “URC model of spiritual direction”, some exploration of what we bring as people in the Reformed tradition might make it easier both to give and to receive in the ecumenical context of spiritual direction.

This is run as a group experience, engaging different people's experiences of the world of spiritual direction. There is also some one-to-one work. The group element means that it has a different feel each time takes place so people coming for a second time are likely to find that it builds on previous experience rather than feeling like a repitition.

Encountering God
Wessex Synod Silence and Retreats Group
Venue: Windermere Centre, 12–15 July 2016
Booking: via the Windermere Centre

Run by members of the URC Retreat Group, this will be an experience of retreat offering experiences of a range of ways of prayer. For people new to retreats it offers tasters of things commonly found in retreats, and for those more used to retreats it offers the space to be in a URC retreat context.